My love of Maine’s history drives me to use reclaimed and overlooked woods that will show the story of our logging and agricultural past. I have worked to dismantle many homes and barns in the Central Maine area in order to find these unique old growth materials. Nail holes, knots, cracks and bark are natural occurrences in real wood and instead of hiding them I choose to accent them in my furniture. I am always on the hunt for unique woods and designs to push my creativity and craft.


My interest in rustic furniture started at a young age after building a log cabin in the woods with friends. Having access to my father’s tools, I began to make small tables from found and reclaimed wood to sell to friends and family. Discovering my passion for creating unique and custom furniture led me to establishing my business in 2009. First under the name Dry Kye Rustic (dry kye being a Maine term for driftwood) and now as Lovejoy Rustic Furniture.

Today, I create custom woodworks for discerning customers who want unique furniture made to fit their needs. I take pride in being creative with my pieces while staying functional and practical. I love to take on challenging custom projects to push myself to build new things and I am constantly improving on my methods.

Eben Lovejoy, Oakland Maine